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About Edge Café & Restaurant

Edge Café & Restaurant has a core objective that defines its direction. We are focused on establishing a brand that will automatically impress our customers. Our hope is that the enjoyable food and fantastic atmosphere will give customers the right motivation to stick with our brand. We are also focused on consistently developing our talent to ensure that there is always a high level of customer satisfaction. We are not shy to try out new things. Our restaurant is built on the premise that new opportunities and challenges are essential for growth. We always welcome suggestions and feedback from our esteemed customers. We believe that our individuality has set us apart from the rest of the market. Our unique service provision and quality food are unrivalled. A fusion of dishes is provided to ensure that customers are satisfied at all times during the day. Edge Café & Restaurant is dedicated to continuing setting the standards in the industry throughout the town. Our restaurant is perfect for bringing your friends and family. We are positive that our food will be crucial for creating great memories and lasting relationships. Come and enjoy the amazing hospitality. 

Edge Café & Restaurant Restaurant

Everyone in the area is welcome to taste our amazing dishes. We are located at 13-15 Edge Lane, Stretford, M32 8HN. You can enjoy an amazing breakfast takeaway and matching services at our premises. We treat people right and that is what keeps us going. You can take a look at our services from our online platforms. We have restaurant apps on both the App Store and Google Play. We are also a distinguished restaurant when it comes to food delivery. Just call us for fast food delivery services. Our restaurant offers you serenity, quality food, and unbeatable hospitality. Order today and taste our unique dishes.

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